Extenda Retail Selfscan

Self scanning has for the past few years become a success with proven business cases and short ROI.

Part from the basic functionality the next generation selfscan contains so much more functions and offers the retailers a new dimension.

We have been working with SelfScan for many years now and have a deep knowledge about how to make this a successful implementation.

Latest version of ExtendaRetail Selfscan is designed with an API to build Mobile Phone applications to connect to the same solution. 

Choose your mobile device: Our solution runs on a variety of retailer and customer owned mobile devices with the flexibility to deploy it as an add-on feature on your existing mobile app. 

Keep a running total in real time: Let your customers scan their items as they shop, keeping a convenient total for easy tracking and check out. This leads to that they average basket increases about 7 %.

Make checkout faster and easier: Since shoppers have already scanned their purchases, they can simply pay and go, eliminating long checkout lines and staffing needs.