Extenda Ecosystem

Adding on, not locking in

Strong partnerships are essential for Extenda and our clients. Our global partner network contributes technology and services that perfectly complements our offering. Extenda’s commitment to openness means that clients can work with partners of their choice.

Add-on Partners

At Extenda, we are passionate about helping our clients address the ever-changing needs of their customers. And true to our brand name, our solutions are designed for easy extension. Choose from wide range of turnkey integrations from our add-on partners, ready to be deployed within your solution, enhancing and extending functionality.

Technology partners

Extenda’s technology partnerships testify to our open architecture and hardware-agnostic platform and our commitment to protect customer investments. Our technology partners address a broad range of embedded solutions and integrations, including suppliers of databases, Point of Sale hardware, and in-store devices.

Service partners

From roll-out to daily operational support, Extenda’s clients can rely on service partners of their choice. Retailers always have access to Extenda and our service partner network, or may assign third party service partners directly. Our global, regional and local partners are prepared to engage with all of our clients, regardless of size and geographies.

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