Feature rich, easy-to-use solution for exceptional reliability and checkout speed

Extenda Retail POS is a feature rich, easy-to-use solution for high checkout speed and reliability to ensure business continuity at the point of sale. Offering broad functionality even in offline mode, it enables great customer service for retailers in various categories with store sizes ranging from small boutiques to hypermarkets.

Extenda’s POS solution is hardware-agnostic and works equally well with a touch or a keyboard-driven user interface. A full graphical user interface for the customer is also available. The open architecture facilitates quick and easily maintained customization. This becomes even easier as you don’t need to engage developers for each detail. Many specific point-of-sale needs are covered by Extenda’s catalogue of add-on modules and integrations from partners, allowing for rapid, cost-effective deployment.

Extenda POS highlights

  • Broad category support, including fashion, food, specialty retail and pharmacy
  • Easily scalable, from convenience stores and boutiques to hypermarkets
  • Intuitive user interface with rich functionality, including scan-anything-anytime, multipath workflows and pre-scan
  • Hardware-agnostic software solution
  • Catalogue of Add-on components
  • Localization available for more than 35 markets

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