Enable unparalleled checkout speed and enhance the shopping experience

Extenda SelfCheckout challenges proprietary products by offering a fully integrated, hardware-agnostic software solution with a radically simplified, intuitive user interface. It delivers an unrivaled consumer experience – consistent across different consumer touch points.

With benefits for retailers as well as consumers, SelfCheckout offers a fast and convenient checkout process. It integrates with the retailer’s existing card payment solution and cash changers and is easily adapted to branding and business processes.

A hardware-agnostic software solution, SelfCheckout also benefits from Extenda’s innovative device integration concept, which allows retailers to leverage built-in security features of the self-scan hardware, and to create a seamless customer experience across all touch points in the store.

The SelfCheckout solution may be complemented by Extenda’s Attendant tablet solution for handling audit, age and weight verifications, or when assistance is requested by a consumer.

Extenda SelfCheckout highlights

  • Highly configurable, intuitive user interface
  • User interface consistent with other sales touch points in the store
  • Leverages built-in security features of self-checkout hardware
  • Can be used as “quick checkout” without item validation
  • Allows instant switch to a cashier operated device
  • Can be used as a payment station for self-scan shopping
  • Offline use supported
  • Attendant tablet (iPad) solution for audits and remote management

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